Friday, September 19, 2008


I got a facebook message from the girl who moved into my old apartment... apparently a package had been delivered to my old address and vintage clothing store out front was holding it... hrm, I'm not expecting a package, ok.

I get to Shangri-La (cool place, cool people that run it btw) and the guy behing the counter points to a 2'x2' box... wtf? Then I notice "Accenture Chicago Triathlon" on the return address... coolio, it's my prize pack. Since I rode over there and had a half-full bag already, I figured I'd open it up to see what was inside.

I'll say, this is a pretty decent prize pack - I don't know if the regular age groupers got anything different than the clydes, but this is still pretty decent. Inside was a TYR Tri backpack big enough for a helluva lot of stuff - easily would work as a race bag, especially nice because it's got separate pockets for wet/nasty stuff. There was also a $50 gift certificate good towards Sidi product at Village Cycle Center.... but the best thing in the bag:


Hells yeah. I've got two of these bitches now. Maybe I shouldn't quit triathlon quite yet?


Jeff said...

Congrats on the win!

Quit tri? Mmmm, maybe not, but make it hobby and focus on road/track.

Bob Mitera said...

Don't quit. You have too many watts and are just entering your prime.

Tamara Fraser said...

Congrats, WINNER!!