Monday, September 29, 2008


Seven hundred billion dollars.


The comparisons between "Main Street" and "Wall Street" notwithstanding, I think people would be more likely to consider this an option if it weren't for a few pesky items:

1) it doesn't seem like ANYONE will commit to the benefits of the packagethe money.
2) nobody's been able to describe what these "toxic" assets even are!
3) we've uh, been kinda burned on this whole "its gotta happen now now now, its good for the country, trust us" thing before. PATRIOT Act, anyone?

Update: the house just voted it down. Dow down 600ish points. Oh hell.
Update: MSNBC's got an interesting newsvine feed going... looks like 70% of respondents are saying "No it's not a good idea".
Update: time to start drinking

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Bob Mitera said...

If I miss manage my company can I get $5?

Probably not...

This makes me so mad that my Congressmen just lost my vote in their re-election bids. Too bad. They were doing such a good job until this point.