Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pleadings from a Convict

I’m sick and tired of this rock, so I’m breaking out…

I’m racing Escape from Alcatraz in San Francisco this weekend and thought some of you might be interested in getting updates of my progress throughout the race. If so, you can register for updates with Accenture’s Triathlon Alert System at http://triathlons.accenture.com/SanFrancisco_Phase2/. You will need to sign up for an account, but it’s free and I’m pretty sure they won’t do anything completely evil with your information. When you get to the “Select Athletes” page, my Bib number is 237.

If you’re not familiar with this race, here’s an overly dramatic synopsis:

Distances: Swim 1.5mi (Across SFO Bay)
Run 1mi (to transition)
Bike 18 miles
Run 8 miles

Course Map:

Many thanks to Bob Mitera (http://bobmiterateampolar.blogspot.com) who has coached me through all of my preparation for the race. I couldn’t have done it without you, Bob. I’ll pull for you any time (though with that Lynskey R4 you shouldn’t need it!). I also want to thank Lisa Walker whose wisdom and tips substantially improved my ability to not drown as fast as possible.

As usual, Facebookers - my MotionBased entries will be posted as notes on my profile. Feel free to laud/laugh at my times.

If you’re coming to SFO, sweet! I appreciate the support.

I’m staying at the Sheraton on Fisherman’s Wharf, let me know where you’re at and we can coordinate. Additionally, This FAQ answers many questions you may have.
Favorite part of the FAQ:
“What happens if I don’t make the 1-hour cut-off for the swim?”
Being afraid of the cut of times is a good thing. It will make you race faster.

If you’re coming from SFO/OAK and staying somewhere in the Wharf area, here’s a transit site that can help you get to your hotel without having to take a taxi: http://transit.511.org/tripplanner/index.aspx

Here’s a map of the site grounds: http://www.escapefromalcatraztriathlon.com/Assets/ESCAPE+From+Alcatraz/Festival+Site+Map.pdf

First wave is off the ferry at 08:00, last wave is off at 8:06. They don’t mess around.

See you this weekend!


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