Monday, December 7, 2009

what have I broken/what haven't I broken?

I'm excluding consumables (tires, bar tape etc)...

What haven't I broken on a bike?

seatpost clamp

What have I broken?

Aluminum Frame (cross frame, yesterday, sad trombone)
Carbon Frame
Speedplay Pedals
ISIS-Splined Bottom Bracket
ISIS-Splined Cranks
Front Cyclocross Chainring
Garmin Mount
Shimano R550 Wheels
Mavic Open Pro Rim (don't buy wheels at Performance!!)
Spokes (numerous)
SRAM 9-Speed Chain (2)
Shimano 9-speed 105 Chain
Shimano 9-speed DA Chain
KMC 1/8" Track Chain
105 Front Derailleur
Ultegra Rear Derailleur (2)
Shimano Ultegra Shifters
Carbon Seatpost
Saddle (Rails)

I really don't want to move anything else from the top list to the bottom. Breaking any of those items while riding would be quite... unpleasant.


Michael said...

Dam man. Your bad ass for staying out there. That crack in your frame yesterday was redonckulous. If I spot any large cross frame hand ups Ill grab it for you.

Michael Young

Bill said...

I'll build you a steel frame for free to replace yours, if you're willing to try to "stress-test" it for me. Should barely outweigh your aluminum trek if that.

Bob Mitera said...

I've broken a fork, stem, handlebars and a seatpost clamp!

Erik said...

crashes don't count.