Monday, August 25, 2008

2008 Chicago Triathlon, FTW!

I won my division. Holy kick ass sweet.

The guy who came in behind me was 4 minutes faster in the swim, but I was 4 minutes faster on the bike... he was 50 seconds faster than me on the run. He lost the race in transition. My T1 was 2:47 faster, T2 was 13 seconds faster.

It totally pays to roll your socks off so you can get them back onto wet feet faster :)

Full race report pending.


Ragfield said...

Socks! In a triathlon? Blasphemy.

Ragfield said...

Also, I've never seen "sex rank" results before. You should work on that :)

Erik said...

Sex ranks highly for me.

I have enough foot problems to not exascerbate them by not wearing socks... plus I have Chicago Flag socks so gotta represent.

Ragfield said...

Ah, well, any time a flag can be worn as clothing one doesn't really have a choice.